How to be A Perfect Bridesmaid

You have been given the special honour of being a bridesmaid at your best friend’s wedding! In addition to having to make a humorous, but kind toast at the wedding breakfast, you have also without thinking too much about it, volunteered yourself to take on the role of the wedding planner for your friend! As you think about it, it all seems a little overwhelming, but then again, it will be good practice for planning your own wedding, so why not?

Getting started

To start with of course, you want to run through all the details and plans with the bride and the groom and get to know what they really want for their big day. Once you know what the plan for the day is going to be, the first thing you need to do is to get the bookings done before someone else steals it from you. You need to book the church or the venue where the wedding ceremony will take place. You also need to book the hotel or the place where you are going to have the wedding banquet. Don’t forget also to make a booking with the wedding photographers in Canterbury, especially because you want to make sure you get the best possible job done.

Plan the attire

The bride and the groom probably already have a clear idea of what they want to wear. Check whether the bride needs your help to shop, if not, start delegating jobs to others as there is only one of you and you don’t want to spread yourself too thinly. Get the rest of the clothes for the bridesmaids and the little maids etc. tailored according to what the couple have in mind. Start early as it is quite a major task!

Have a checklist

Make a list of all the important things you need to do, such as booking the venue and the wedding photographers, deciding on the menu according to the couple’s wishes and ordering the cake. After you have discussed everything with the couple, go through your checklist to make sure you have delegated or done all the things that need to be done in advance.

Finalise the plans

As you finalise the details, make sure you are communicating regularly with the bride and the groom and also their families, if they are involved in the process. A lot of communication is needed to make sure that everything runs smoothly on the wedding day. When you get a chance, you also need to prepare your speech and make it a memorable one! As you have put so much work and effort into it, the bride and groom are sure to have a great time and a wonderful day, thanks to their perfect bridesmaid!